Games to Keep Score In - With a Group of Friends
or Played as Solitaire

Five Thousand (Zilch or Farkle), 5000 Progressive, Ten Thousand, Back Yahtzee, Doublegil.jpg (14299 bytes) Cameroon, Yacht, Hooligan, Crag, One Thousand Aces, Hi-Roller, Chicago, Boston, Pig, Hi-Lo (Scrod), Twenty-Six and Bunco (Bunko).

These games are very challenging and require judgement, a knowledge of the odds and lots of luck. Back Yahtzee is even more challenging than the copyrighted game. It requires ten dice and two decisions to be made on each turn.

Five Thousand and 5000 Progressive are terrific games that can be played as solitaire or with as many as 5 to 7 players.

Bunco is a very popular neighborhood game that has been played in the suburbs all around America for over sixty years.

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