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Learn the Odds for Winning in Any Game of Dice

Casino Crap Games - The odds most commonly offered in casinos and the pure odds for the same bets. Learn which bets are the "sucker bets". What’s the smart way to play? cups.jpg (12224 bytes)

Liars Dice - How do the odds vary when aces are wild and when aces are dead? What’s the best time to kill the aces? Why is there an advantage in calling first?

Boss Dice - What to do when you are the Boss and when you are not the Boss? What do you keep and what do you roll? How can you take a 5 to 1 odds situation to 16 to 1 in your favor!

Odds: What are the odds of getting any pair in one roll with 2 dice? A specific pair?
Any four of kind with 5 dice, with aces wild and with aces dead? Getting a Ship, Captain & Crew on one roll? A Monterey on one roll? In Selection games, which games should you be willing to accept even when you don’t have a good hand? Which games should you avoid if you haven't  qualified on the first roll?

Probability tables and charts illustrating the true odds of rolling certain hands or scores. These charts will help when playing Backgammon, Monopoly, Yahtzee and virtually any game that uses from one to six dice cubes.

bulletOpponent's odds against beating the boss if opponent has certain choices.
bulletFive dice with aces wild (one roll)
bulletOdds against improving poker hands.
bulletThree of a kind improvement by rolling two dice.

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