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Most Popular Dice Games in the World
Introducing Walter, the Dice Rolling Monkey

Boss Dice - the easiest to play and one of the most popular in San Franciscomonkey1.jpg (16804 bytes)
Even a Monkey Can Play - Meet Walter the World’s Only Dice Rolling Monkey

Liars Dice - Requires the most skill of all dice games.
Types of Liar Games: Basic Liars, Mafia Liars, Chinese Liars, Pass-The-Trash, Indian Liars, Mexican Liars, Longshoreman’s Liars, Red Dog, Perudo, Chiliano, Dudo and Mandando/Libre.

Qualifying Games - Ship, Captain & Crew, Monterey, Forty-One (Midnight), Shingoro (6-5-4), Banker’s Dice, Strung Flowers, Passe-Dix, Acceptance/Rejection Games, Barbudey, Crown & Anchor, Away games, Hong Kong Slide, Intelligence, Reno, Keno, Nevada, Razzle Dazzle, Thirteen Aces and Twenty-One.


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International Games

Games that are popular in France, Britain, Germany, Holland and throughout Europe, Japan, China, the Philippines and Southeast Asia and Central and South America, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East.


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