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Dice in Mythology & the History of Dice from Ancient Egypt to Hollywood Movies

Read about the famous stories and the storied games based on dice lore.

In mythology, the Egyptians had gods and goddess playing dice to add days to the calendar, while Greeks had their gods rolling for possession of the universe. history.jpg (13415 bytes)

In history, who invented dice and what were they first made of?

Who played the first Liars Game? What was the favorite game of the Romans? How did dice come to America? What great dice hand did John Wesley Hardin roll that he was to die for? What did Rudyard Kipling say about dice in San Francisco?

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A Scene from the Twentieth Century-Fox production "The Left Hand of God"

In Hollywood, some of the greatest stars had big roles featuring dice playing.

Learn the game Bogey played against Lee J. Cobb to save an entire Chinese village.

How did Big Julie cheat Nathan Detroit (Sinatra) in "Guys and Dolls? And, how did Marlon Brando save the day by rolling with Lady Luck?

Richard Burton won the "Robe" with the same dice game that Richard Eagan later won a woman of his choice in "Demetrius and the Gladiators". What game was this?

Corbin Bernsen, a serial killer in "Heads You Win, Tails You’re Dead", selects his victim in a Liars Dice game and then pursues him playing the game until its deadly conclusion.

Robert Mitchum, William Bendix, Gloria Graham and Jane Russell all come together over a dice game in "Macao"



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