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Learn how to play and win the most popular dice games in the world.

Playing dice games at home has never been more popular. Casino Craps, Bunco, various forms of Yahtzee, Zilch, Liars Dice, Boss Dice, Ship-Captain & Crew, and several dozen more exciting games are described in detail. Learn how to play and how to win!


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Gil Jacobs, the Wizard of Odds", applies his thirty years of playing experience to computerized odds and shares his strategies for playing and winning the world’s best dice games. Jacobs is acknowledged as the "Hoyle" of dice games. Over 100,000 books have been sold and this latest one is his "Best Edition". His popular books are sold throughout the U.S. and can be found with vinyl and leather dice cups in special game packages.
No matter what dice game you play, you can’t lose by buying this book!

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"On Nob Hill in San Francisco,
the Dice Rolling Capital of the World"

The "Very Best Dice Games" book can be ordered individually or as part of a "Dice Game" set from "ToyandGameWarehouse.com". In the search window; enter H710 for the book and 895 for the game set. The game set provides the Book containing Rules, Strategies and Tips for playing dozens of dice games and 2 Dice Cups with 10 dice; all at the price of just one dice game! These are not sold in bookstores but can be found in gift shops and games stores. To order directly from the author click on the order bar below.

To learn more about what’s in the book choose from the following:

bullet.gif (707 bytes) Probabilities & the Odds - Learn the Odds for Winning in Any Game of Dice
bullet.gif (707 bytes) Mythology & History of Dice from Ancient Egypt to Hollywood Movies
bullet.gif (707 bytes) Most Popular Dice Games in the World - Introducing Walter, the Dice Rolling Monkey
bullet.gif (707 bytes) Games for Children Ages 6 to 11 - Fun & Games While Learning Arithmetic
bullet.gif (707 bytes) Games to Keep Score In - Played as Solitaire or With a Group of Friends

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